Meet the Team

They will balance your books, prepare your taxes, and help you build the business of your dreams.



Sean DiMercurio CPA CGMA

Founder & Partner

Sean knows that accounting doesn't need to be complex and can even be fun! As an ardent believer in empowerment through education, Sean consistently manages to explain complicated accounting and tax information in an easy and digestible way.


Sheila Malavet

Operations Director

Sheila loves to uplift our clients and team members by building out our infrastructure and taking advantage of every teaching opportunity. She truly does it all! When not having fun at the office, Sheila is spending time with her family.


John Kirkland

Tax Manager

John is a quick learner and he is quick to pass that knowledge along to every client he works with. His goal is to help put people in positions to succeed through collaboration and teamwork. He is also a huge sports fan - when he isn’t working, there’s a good chance he’s cheering on the UCF Knights. Charge On!


Janice Godin

Accounting Manager

Janice is an accounting manager with over nine years of experience. She loves to help small business owners fix their numbers and take the stress out of their books. She is currently earning her bachelor’s degree in business from Capella University. She loves visiting Florida’s west coast beaches where she can listen to music and read Nicholas Sparks novels.


Bryce Rubens

Sales Advisor

Bryce lives by the philosophy that you only get out as much as you put in. That commitment drives him to go above & beyond for incoming clients. As our Sales Advisor, Bryce is likely the first member of our team that you'll meet. On that call, he'll build a plan that meets your business's needs. After 5 o' clock, Bryce spends his time hitting the gym, crossing classic movies off his watchlist, and cheering on Miami sports.


Karina Cabot

Senior Tax Associate

Karina is a senior tax associate with more than seven years of tax experience (although she does miss her first job as a professional dog walker). She is currently earning her Enrolled Agent (EA) license and loves to keep learning new things. Karina graduated from Universidad de Puerto Rico Ponce. When she’s not doing tax returns, Karina’s either at the beach, reading, listening to true crime podcasts, or all of the above.


CeCe Mikell

Senior Accounting Associate

CeCe thrives on problem-solving, always striving for optimal outcomes by starting with the end, understanding where a client wants to get to, and working backward to help them solve their challenge. She loves hiking, especially mountain treks, and has nurtured a lemon tree grove for almost two years. Her approach to life mirrors her problem-solving strategy – innovative, adaptive, and always looking forward. CeCe holds degrees in business, logic, linguistics, and music.


Rashaad Mohamed

Senior Accounting Associate

Rashaad brings a love of numbers and years of experience to our accounting team. When he’s not solving problems for small business owners, you can find him cycling, practicing photography, keeping up with the latest tech, and enjoying his family’s home cooking.


Danny McGinley

Tax Associate

Danny is a tax associate with more than three years of experience. He earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting and his MBA from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania – and is working toward a CPA license. He loves helping small business owners learn more about their finances while learning new things from them in the process. If he’s not cheering on the Patriots or Manchester United in his free time, he’s probably out golfing or hiking.


Erica Ortiz

Accounting Associate

For Erica, the most fascinating part of her job is getting to see behind the scenes at small businesses and assisting the owner with situations they may have never considered. She is incredibly adept when it comes to solving unforeseen challenges and likes to spend time after work reading and cooking with her daughter, Ky.


Janay Pittman

Accounting Associate

With a Bachelors in Public Health and a Masters on the way, Janay uses her clear-minded analytical skills and fearless resolve to bring financial peace of mind to our clients. She looks at all sides of a problem to determine the best solution. Janay finds her own peace of mind through outdoor adventures and relaxation with her family.


Jay Davis

Tax Associate

Jay brought his steady leadership to the Beta Alpha Psi chapter at the University of North Florida and puts those reliable and consistent skills to good use solving the most complex problems our clients can throw at him. Outside of the office, Jay stays balanced with biking and 3D printing, and always tries to treat the planet and the people around him with the care they deserve.


Maria Marquez

Accounting Associate

Maria is a passionate accounting enthusiast driven by insatiable curiosity and a talent for problem-solving. She takes great pleasure in unraveling the complexities of accounting by simplifying intricate information for our clients. As an alumnus of FIU, Maria embraces the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius, finding happiness through her mindset. Beyond the office, Maria cherishes quality time around the dinner table and basking in the beauty of a beach sunset. A dedicated traveler and sports fan, she frequents state parks, cinemas, and soccer games. Guided by her core values of compassion, accountability, and respect, Maria aspires to be the best version of herself every day.


Marlene Angarita

Accounting Associate

Marlene never gets bored in the dynamic world of accounting and taxes. After studying accounting and finance on two continents, you can trust her to consider every possibility when tackling a problem. She loves to travel and considers her family a blessing, and always makes sure to treat the environment and the people around her with respect.


Nate Richards EA

Tax Associate

Nate approaches every challenge as an opportunity to solve a puzzle. He believes in the power of commitment, and that's exactly how he tackles the tasks at hand. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an Enrolled Agent designation with the IRS, he is dedicated to managing financial matters with precision. He is also working towards obtaining his CPA licensure to serve clients better and provide them with expert financial guidance. In his free time, you can often find him experimenting with new foods on the grill or enjoying trips to the theme parks with his family.


Joe Colarusso

Tax Intern

Joe, a University of Florida graduate, enjoys the challenge of learning in our fast-paced and diverse office environment. When the going gets tough, Joe keeps his cool and focuses on what he can control. He avoids the Florida heat by running at night – headphones in, music on – and enjoys gaming and watching the Gators with his friends and family.


Brittany Redd

Administrative Assistant

Brittany developed patience, compassion, and a good sense of humor while getting scratched by cats in the veterinary industry. With those skills, she thrives in a team setting and always looks for a solution everyone can be happy with. Outside of the office, Brittany stays busy with a wide variety of interests from hand embroidery to tattoo art to Oscar predictions.


Melissa Lamb

Tax Admin

Melissa is driven by her core values of kindness, respect, and honesty. She follows her heart and wholeheartedly dedicates herself to her work. Spending quality time with her family and pets, participating in local Orlando art markets, and nurturing her love for plants are all things she holds dear. She finds joy in being an advocate for animal welfare, exploring new places, cooking, and meal-prepping. When faced with challenges, she approaches them with a problem-solving mindset, seeking understanding and persevering until a resolution is found. Her unwavering commitment to never give up shines through in her actions.

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