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Income Tax Returns

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For the


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File my business taxes

Standard return includes

✅ Federal return + 1 state return
✅ 15-minute handoff meeting
✅ Limited tax bookkeeping

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File my individual taxes

Standard return includes

✅ Federal return + 1 state return
✅ 15-minute handoff meeting
✅ Limited tax bookkeeping

FAQ: What is the process to complete my tax return?

Read all about it in our Guide to Tax Season.

Price Factors

If your tax return requires any of the following services, it may impact the final price of your return.
  • Reprocessing or expediting

    Reprocessing your tax return to include information that wasn't provided to us to prepare the return (i.e. more deductions added, unknown K1, etc)


    Expediting your tax return ahead of other client returns (i.e. the return is needed ASAP)

    20% of the Total Tax Return Cost

  • Providing bookkeeping services

    May apply if we do not receive the required financial statements or are required to make modifications to the books and records provided to us to prepare your tax return.

    Preparing financial statements in order to prepare the tax return:

    Hourly rates

    Posting journal entries:

    $125 per 25 lines

  • State or foreign filings

    May apply if state filings are required, or if we are required to prepare apportionment schedules on your behalf to prepare a state income tax filing; or if we are required to include additional information related to your foreign activities or your foreign investors.

    Preparation of state returns (individual):

    $200 per return

    Preparation of state returns (business):

    $325 per return

    Reporting foreign bank accounts (FBAR / Form 114):


    Foreign tax filings (Forms 5472)

    $175 per filing

    Other foreign tax filings

    Hourly rates

  • Extra data entry

    May apply if you have a more complex investment structure (multiple or complex 1099s, K1s) or if you have a substantial amount of updates required (such as from purchasing or selling multiple fixed assets or having a complex fix asset structure, multiple information updates for the owners of your business, etc).

    Form 1099s [first 3 included]:

    $50 per 1099

    Schedule K-1s [first 3 included]:

    $50 each

    Fixed asset updates - buying or selling combined [first 10 included]:

    $25 per group of 10 assets

    Owner information updates [first 2 included]:

    $15 per update

  • Additional/special schedules, forms, or elections

    May apply if we are required to include a Schedule C, rental property (Schedule E or Form 8825) on your income tax return; or if we include a special form or election; or if special calculations are required for your investments, such as application of the basis rules.

    Form 2553, S-Corp election


    Converting from cash basis to accrual basis


    IRC Sec. 754 adjustment (Form 1065 only)


    Complex special allocations under your partnership agreement:

    Hourly rates

    Filing a business return (Schedule C) on your tax return:


    Rental properties reported on your individual return (Schedule E):


    First property


    Each additional property

    $75 per property

    Rental properties reported on your business return (Form 8825) [first 3 included]:

    $75 per property

    Combined tax return (most commonly, for rental property LLCs) - inclusion of additional LLC:

    $250+ each

  • Other complex matters

    May apply if there are other complex items that aren’t “normal” to most Taxpayers, such as special foreign filings, forms, returns, etc. If we haven’t listed it, and we deem it is complex (or it is listed, but the issue at hand is more complex than we indicate here), then that service will be completed at hourly rates.


    Research related to books/records not being correct, retained earnings not rolling forward, understanding underlying transactions to post adjusting journal entries

    Preparing the state apportionment worksheet on your behalf or, if required, updating it multiple times

    If we are required to perform research on nexus requirements for each state in which you operate or could be operating

    Schedule K-1s issued by pooled investment vehicles (publicly traded partnerships, hedge funds or similar investment structures) where a K-1 shows one or more of the following: multiple operating activities, multiple 199A activities, multiple states, oil and gas activities, etc. (these rates are in addition to the base pricing)

    Investment calculations & planning when applying rules related basis, at risk and passive activity losses; determining your active or basis status; discussions surrounding real estate professional status

    Additional work required when you buy or sell a business

All prices are subject to change depending on the specifics of your tax situation.

Looking for other tax services? Check out our additional services for info about trusts, 1099s & more!

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A final note on prices:

If you have a complex return, we'd be happy to provide a more detailed quote to ensure you are fully informed of the potential cost to you. Ultimately, your specific tax circumstances dictate the final cost of your tax services.

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Additional Services

Just in case you're looking for a little something extra.

Other & special  returns 

  • Quarterly estimated taxes

    Quarterly estimated taxes are an important piece of the tax planning puzzle. If we are completing your tax return, Safe Harbor calculations are included, if required. This method is enough to help avoid penalties from the IRS but does not provide the most accurate estimate.

    Whether you file your tax returns with us or somewhere else, we can give you a more precise calculation of estimated taxes. For quarterly estimated taxes calculated based on your current books, rates start at $350 per quarter. This will give you a very accurate estimate of your taxes owed so you aren't left with a big surprise when tax season rolls around.

  • Past due & back taxes

    When you have past due or back taxes, we’re required to prepare several years of returns at the same time. Doing this typically means a little extra work than when preparing a single year tax return. You can reasonably estimate the cost of these returns to be the current year rates + 10% for additional time spent.

    Note that for any past due tax project, we require a 50% nonrefundable deposit to be paid before we begin the project. As we prepare your returns, we will progress invoice you for them. Your deposit will be applied to your final tax return invoice from us.

  • Amended tax returns

    If we prepared the return being amended, the cost will be somewhere between 50% to 75% of what the original return cost. This covers updating the return and the return going through the quality control process again.

    If we did not prepare the return being amended, the cost will typically be between 70% to 100% of what we would have charged if we had prepared the original return.

  • Tangible personal property taxes

    Florida (per return/county)


    Other states (per return/county)


  • Reporting for self-directed 401(k)

    Reporting for self-directed 401(k), solo 401(k) and other self-directed retirement plans (Form 5500EZ) with no tax due starts at $500 to $750.

FAQ: What are your hourly rates?

For the tax team, hourly rates range from $135/hour to $345/hour.

Tax  advisory 

  • Tax strategy & planning

    Tax strategy and planning is offered at hourly rates.

    This session typically includes reviewing your tax situation from the top-down, planning for major events in the near future, and giving actionable advice for making your business as tax-efficient as possible.

    For tax advisory, billable time includes all advisory time before, during or after a meeting. Examples include time spent reviewing documents, answering questions, conducting research, and more.

  • Business financing

    Anytime your business changes its financing, it will affect your income taxes. Whether that's through adding or removing partners/owners, taking a loan, or something else, you'll want to plan it ahead of time to minimize your tax liability.

    Advisory regarding financing your business is offered at hourly rates.

    For tax advisory, billable time includes all advisory time before, during or after a meeting. Examples include time spent reviewing documents, answering questions, conducting research, and more.

  • Business structuring

    The way you choose to structure your business(es) has a huge impact on your overall taxes and, in the end, your bottom line. Speak with a tax advisor about the best way to build your business.

    Advisory for business structuring is offered at hourly rates.

    Business structuring is often accompanied with tax strategy and planning. After just one session, you'll walk away with a roadmap for you and your business.

    For tax advisory, billable time includes all advisory time before, during or after a meeting. Examples include time spent reviewing documents, answering questions, conducting research, and more.

Miscellaneous  services 

  • Filing 1099s

    Base price


    Price per form:


    First 10 forms


    Additional forms


    Mailing service


    Assistance outside of preparation

    Hourly rates

    Additional copies of the 1099 filings:


    Digital copy, per request


    Paper copy, per request

    $25 to $50

  • Tax notices

    Review without response

    Hourly rates

    Standard response [CP161, CP162]

    $125 to $150

    Standard response [CP59, LTR12C]

    $175 to $250

    All other notices (custom response)

    Hourly rates

  • IRS audit & collection representation

    Audit & collection representation is offered at hourly rates.

    If the IRS is auditing you or has initiated a collection action against you, we have your back.  Our team is well versed in representing Taxpayers in these situations and welcomes the opportunity to represent you before the IRS.

    We will work as an intermediary between you and the IRS in order to explain what the IRS is looking for and provide that information to the IRS in the best manner possible.  Along the way we'll update you on the status and provide an ear when you need it.  An audit can be challenging, but you don't need to go through it alone.

  • More...

    Bank comfort letters

    $175 to $275

    Additional copies of your tax returns


    Digital copy, per request


    Paper copy, per request

    $50 to $100

    Effective tax analysis

    $175 to $325

    Schedule K-1 mailing service


    S Corporation election


    Power of attorney (POA)


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my payment options?

    You can pay by credit card, check or ACH.

  • When is payment due?

    For most tax services, payment is due upon completion of your tax return or other service.

    Some services, usually projects with a larger scope or longer term, will require a portion of the payment upfront. For more complex returns, you may be progress-billed (billed throughout the completion of your return(s) due to the size of the project).

    To learn more, ask an advisor how your services will be billed prior to engagement.

  • I just started my business. Do I need to hire someone to do my taxes?

    No. But if you ask us, yes.

    The truth is, you don't need a tax professional. With that being said, the large majority of business owners benefit greatly from speaking with a tax professional. That's why we always advise business owners, especially new business owners, to hire a CPA to help navigate their tax situation.

    For more info, check out our article that compares using TurboTax to working with a CPA.

  • Will working with you save me money on my taxes?


    We can never guarantee that we will save you money on your tax bill. We can guarantee that, by working with us, you will operate with a savvy tax strategy while remaining compliant with the IRS. It doesn't get better than that.

  • What's included with my tax return?

    The following services are included with each income tax return:

    • Secure portal to upload your documentation
    • 30-minute check-in meeting
    • Paper filing service (if e-filing is unavailable)
    • One state income tax return
    • One digital copy of each e-filed return
    • One paper copy of each paper filed return
    • Safe harbor estimated tax calculations*
    • Payment instructions and vouchers*
    • Adjusting journal entries for you to post*
    *included if required
  • What's not included with my tax return?

    The following services are not included with your tax return but can be added on at an additional charge.

    • Bookkeeping services for clean statements to file tax returns
    • Preparation of effective tax analysis
    • Maintenance of an excessive amount of fixed assets
    • Amending returns for reasons outside of our control
    • Responding to tax notices regarding the return
    • Representation in a tax audit
  • What are your hourly rates?

    Partner: $345/hour

    Tax Manager: $265/hour

    Senior Tax Associate: $195/hour

    Tax Associate: $135/hour

  • Do you work with nonprofits?

    Usually, no.

    We only work with nonprofit entities when they are funded by a client business or family group. We don’t work with other nonprofits that are usually funded by third party donations and other outside funding sources.

    If you need a nonprofit tax expert, we would be happy to introduce you to one of our trusted partners. You can contact us for more information.

  • Do you file income tax returns outside of the US?


    For the time being, we only file tax returns in the United States.

    If you have a business with foreign owners, shareholders or investments, we can still work with you on all matters relating to US tax compliance.

  • Do you file tax returns in all US states?


    We file returns in all 50 states in the U.S. For pricing purposes, you can expect income tax returns in most states to cost approximately the same amount. Only a few states, such as California and Pennsylvania, typically have a higher cost due to increased state-specific standards in those states.

  • Can you help me with sales tax?


    Check out our accounting services pricing for details on sales tax rates.

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