Tax Return

Taxes have never been easier

First, take a look at the list below.

Next, determine which items on the list apply to you.

Once you collect all necessary documents and information, upload it to us using Suralink. For more information about Suralink, read our Guide to Tax Season.

Once we've received everything, our tax team can begin to work their magic.



Financial Reports

Please upload the following in Excel format:

  • Income statement for the year
  • General ledger for the year
  • Balance sheet at year-end
  • Trial balance at year-end


You don't have to upload these documents if you are an accounting client with DiMercurio Advisors

Owner Listing

Please upload the following information for all owners, shareholders, partners, or members of the LLC:

  • Legal Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Relationship to other owners, if applicable
  • Number of shares/units and percentage of ownership (indicate if there are separate profit and loss sharing percentages)


The above information must be submitted for each shareholder, partner, or LLC member.

Ownership Events

If any of the following occurred during the relevant tax year(s), please provide information and documentation where possible:

  • Additional investment by an owner
  • Dividends or distributions paid to an owner
  • Guaranteed payments made to an owner
  • Loans between the business and an owner
    • Or a person or entity related to an owner
  • Debt guaranteed by an owner
    • Directly or indirectly
  • Sale or exchange of an ownership interest
  • Any other changes in ownership

Business Documents

Please upload the following documents only if this is the first time we have prepared your taxes:

  • Form SS-4 (Employee Identification Number)
  • Shareholder, Partnership, or LLC Agreement
  • Details pertaining to any special tax allocations or treatment
  • Previous federal income tax returns
    • Prior 3 years
    • Include depreciation schedules
  • Previous state income tax returns (if applicable)
    • Prior 3 years
    • Include depreciation schedules

For S-Corporations, please include the following:

  • Form 2553 (Election by a Small Business Corporation)
  • IRS Notice CP261 showing that they will be treating you as an S-corporation

All documents should be uploaded to your personalized secure Suralink portal.

For more info about Suralink, read our Guide to Tax Season.


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