Corporate Transparency Act Services



The business services team at DiMercurio Advisors is here to support you along your journey.  We've created this resource center to help you comply with the Corporate Transparency Act.



What is the Corporate Transparency Act?

All About the Corporate Transparency Act is our comprehensive article that explains what a Beneficial Owner Information (BOI) report is, who needs to file one, and how to keep your personal information private.

We've included diagrams along with examples to help explain the complexities of this new law.

What can I do to keep my personally identifiable information private?

Sign up for a FinCEN ID.  That's how.

We highly recommend that you do this instead of giving out your information.  The process is quick and simple.



Filing Services

What's included?

  • Identifying your 25% or greater owners based on your tax return filings.
  • A portal where your beneficial owners can upload their information should they not want to sign up for a FinCEN ID.
  • An email template you can send to each individual about what is needed from them.
  • Copy of the filed Beneficial Owner Information report for your records.

Advisory/support services are not provided with our filing services.  If you have any questions or need assistance with identifying any BOI person, we'll consider it a separate request, and the rates shown below will apply.

What's the cost?

For each separate BOI filing, we charge:

  • $250 early bird discounted base*, plus
  • $25 for each beneficial owner with a FinCEN ID or $50 for each beneficial owner without a FinCEN ID


* Early bird discount is offered to encourage you to file on time!  The base rate is $300.  A discount of $50 if filed between July 1 and September 30th and no discount thereafter.

Advisory/Support Service & Rates

What's included?

  • Answering any questions you have about the Beneficial Owner Information report.
  • Help you identify individuals who might exercise substantial economic control (based on the information you provide to us).
  • Assisting you and your stakeholders with any questions about the filing.

What's the cost?

The cost for this support will be at our team member hourly rates:

  • $165/hour when working with our senior business services team members (this will apply to most circumstances)
  • $345/hour when working with one of our partners (this will apply for more complex situations or those that require this level of support)

Ready to get started?


It's this simple:

  1. Complete the form!
  2. A business services team member will reach out to confirm what entity(ies) you need assistance with.
  3. We'll work with you to put together what's needed for the filing (if you need support in understanding the rules, we'll get that separate advisory meeting scheduled)
  4. Soon enough, everything will be prepared, and you can sleep well knowing you've complied with this new law!