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Passion &

These are the values that influence everything we do in business and in life.

These four principles are embedded at the core of every decision we make.

If these values resonate with you as well, you can rest assured that we will have a great time working together.

Sean DiMercurio

Sean DiMercurio CPA CGMA

Founder & Partner

Sean knows that accounting doesn't need to be complex and can even be fun! As an ardent believer in empowerment through education, Sean consistently manages to explain complicated accounting and tax information in an easy and digestible way.

Sheila Malavet

Sheila Malavet

Senior Accounting Associate

Sheila loves to uplift our clients and team members by building out our infrastructure and taking advantage of every teaching opportunity. She truly does it all! When not having fun at the office, Sheila is spending time with her adorable daughter, Aleigh’ana.

John Kirkland

John Kirkland

Senior Tax Associate

John is a quick learner and he is quick to pass that knowledge along to every client he works with. His goal is to help put people in positions to succeed through collaboration and teamwork. He is also a huge sports fan - when he isn’t working, there’s a good chance he’s cheering on the UCF Knights. Charge On!


Jeremy Sutton

Marketing Associate

Jeremy is passionate about people. He prides himself on thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to unusual problems. That is why Jeremy enjoys marketing - every day, he is solving new problems and learning more about the people around him.

Carol Circle

Carol Diaz

Accounting Associate

Carol finds joy in helping our clients overcome the unique challenges they face. By treating each problem as the unique situation it is, she embraces the opportunity to find new custom solutions every day. On the weekends, Carol enjoys cycling and playing board games with her family.

Erica Ortiz Circle

Erica Ortiz

Accounting Associate

For Erica, the most fascinating part of her job is getting to see behind the scenes at small businesses and assisting the owner with situations they may have never considered. She is incredibly adept when it comes to solving unforeseen challenges and likes to spend time after work reading and cooking with her daughter, Ky.

Des Circle

Des Diaz

Administrative Assistant

Des always seeks to understand those around him and knows that the first step in the right direction must be through understanding. As our office administrator, he constantly finds ways to make life easier for everyone he works with - our clients and the members of our team.

Nate Circle

Nate Richards

Tax Intern

Nate sees every obstacle as a puzzle. He believes in the power of commitment and that’s exactly how he tackles the challenges in front of him - he cares about the work he is doing and he is committed to doing it well. As a pass-holder to Orlando theme parks, he is also committed to having fun with his friends and family.

Kim circle

Kim Tracchio

Tax Intern

Kim came here all the way from The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. She is excited to get a thorough, hands-on experience in the world of tax. Kim feels that there is nothing more important than being yourself and is excited to accomplish challenging tasks while constantly learning new things this summer.

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