The Heroes Group is now DiMercurio Advisors

Accounting & Tax Specialists

Our name has changed but our innovative accounting and tax services haven't.

As of 2021, The Heroes Group is now DiMercurio Advisors.

While our name might be changing, who we are and what we stand for won’t. We’ll continue to provide quality advisory, accounting, business registration and tax services to empower business owners in Orlando and elsewhere to succeed.

Why the change?

As the business world is constantly evolving, we’re simply doing the same. This name transformation is a milestone in our constant pursuit to serve you as effectively as possible. Our new name more accurately reflects the professional relationship we’ve always forged with our clients and partners.

DiMercurio Advisors founder Sean DiMercurio believes this new change is a step in the right direction to serving you better.

“Everything we do is to help our clients. This change just makes it clear to business owners what we do,” he says. “How we do it will remain the same — we’ll provide businesses with tax and accounting solutions that make their lives easier and their businesses more successful.”

What does this mean for you?

It means you will continue to receive the best service possible from our Orlando accountants with a renewed commitment to our core values:

Respect at the heart of every decision we make.
Integrity in all we do.
Passion for our work, our team, and our clients.
Empowerment through education.

What's next?

Our new digital home is There, you’ll find our list of services and our Learning Center. The Learning Center is where we answer and explain the most frequently asked questions we get from small business owners.

More than anything, we appreciate the unique partnership we have with you and look forward to many more years of providing clear-cut accounting and tax services to the best clients we could ask for.

“We’re still the most innovative accountants and advisors in Orlando,” DiMercurio says. “I’m excited to bring that to even more small business owners.”

Have a question?

Reach out to a DiMercurio Advisors team member or click the button below.

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